You Need An Armored Vehicle If You’re A…

“Welcome to the modern world – where security is a must and trust is a luxury.” This sentence especially rings true when you’re a person of significance, specifically, someone who might find themselves negatively targeted by the unsavory types. When personal security is not always a guarantee, steps towards protection are essential.

Enter – The Armored Vehicle. These have become the new normal for these individuals. If you feel that you’re a part of this demographic, it might just be time to consider a brand-new armored vehicle for you and your family.


As a celebrity, you’re constantly in the public eye. This also opens you up to security threats from any and all directions. From aggressive paparazzi to over-enthusiastic fans, your high-profile status demands an extra layer of protection. 

An armored vehicle can thus offer a secure and discreet means of transportation. Whether you’re commuting from the set to home, or making an appearance at events, knowing that your car can protect you no matter what can be a life-changer!

Government Officials 

As a government official, specifically, if you’re a diplomat or a politician, you face heightened security risks due to involvement in public affairs. The nature of politics is such that there’s always someone who’s not keen on your decision-making. 

A personal armored vehicle can be a crucial component of your security protocol, offering protection against potential attacks or threats. 


When you lead a major, multi-national corporation, you’ve possibly become the most high-value target for corporate espionage and personal attacks. As a CEO, you hold the keys to the future of an enterprise, and, the employment of millions of people.

Armored vehicles can not only safeguard you from potential harm but also ensure the continuity of business operations. 

Chief Of Security 

Beyond being a case of ‘practice what you preach’, your role as a Chief of Security stands to have a larger impact. When others depend on you for their security, you need to recognize your need for security as well. 

An armored vehicle thus become your private, mobile fortress, allowing you to respond to sensitive situations swiftly and decisively. From rescuing your target to avoiding a play on your life, having instant access to an armored vehicle can be a game-changer!

When safety is a concern, you need 0 margin of error. Troy Armoring armored vehicles are the answer. These are luxury armored vehicles, built with precision.