Things to consider when towing long distances

When it comes to towing companies, most customers think of a broken down vehicle or a tow truck arriving after an accident. While most towing services will provide on-site towing and recovery, some companies also offer long-distance towing. When you need long-distance towing service, you know there are options.

Here, Towing & Recovery discusses the things to consider when selecting and using a towing company for long-haul vehicle towing.

Consider your options

There are several types of long haul, closed and open. In most cases you can easily transport your car to an open transport company.

If you have bought an expensive car and do not want to risk being hit by road debris, then a closed transport option is better. Consider your options before you decide.


You should get quotes from some long distance towing companies. The services offered are extremely important and may change depending on the company selected.


Find online reviews and recommendations on any towing company.

Find helpful reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. You can also look up customer complaints about a business online at the Better Business Bureau.

Proof of insurance

Be sure to check the towing company’s insurance policy. Accidents rarely happen, but they can happen, so be prepared and take care.

Preparing your vehicle for long distance towing

Disable your car alarm: Car movement during towing can set off your car alarm. Disable it before towing or move.

Take out valuables: If you have valuables in the trunk or glove box, take them out.

Lock car: Lock your car so that nobody can take anything out of your vehicle during transport.

Fix liquid leaks: If your car has a liquid leak, the towing company is not allowed to tow it. Fix leaks as soon as possible.

Remove valuables – If you have valuables, get them out of the car. Also remove any external accessories that can be easily removed.

Wash your car: Wash your car later if you need to check for dents or dings after transport.

Take a picture – Taking a picture of the vehicle can help you later. If something happens to the car during transport, you need evidence. Comparing before and after photos is a great way to spot differences.

Long distance towing cost

The price of transporting your vehicle depends on many different factors. These include the distance of the transport, the time of year, and the type and weight of the vehicle. If you are unsure about hiring a local towing company or towing cost estimator, the other option is shipping. The car in an open or closed container. Prices vary by location, but these are your main options.