The all-new Lexus ES – Elevating Luxury Sedans to New Heights

Elevating Luxury Sedans to New Heights

Midsized luxury sedans such as the ES offer quality and refinement. A luxury car has never been refined like the seventh-generation Lexus ES. This model features new technology, avant-garde styling, and a refined interior.

Explore the latest technological found in the lexus ES

The stunning 12.3-inch touchscreen display manages navigation, entertainment, and phone connectivity. Natural voice controls, touchpad operation, and onboard WiFi hotspot maintain connections on the move. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrate your smartphone functions. The digital rearview mirror provides a wide safety view that isn’t obstructed by passengers or cargo. The 10-inch color head-up display projects key data like speed directly into your eyeliner. The 17-speaker Mark Levinson audio system surrounds you in 3D concert-hall sound quality. For confidence in all conditions, the ES Luxury Sedan adds Lexus Safety System+ 2.5. Pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping help, and automatic high beams are included in this package. Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert expand your awareness. Lexus Jordan even allows remote touchless operation via your smartphone. You conveniently start the engine, lock/unlock doors, locate your parked ES and more.

Highlight the interior & exterior design of lexus ES

Lexus Offers dramatically updated the ES’s design inside and out to match its advanced technology. The exterior styling strikes a bold athletic stance highlighted by the huge spindle grille, fluid character lines, and sharp triple-beam headlights. New dynamic wheel designs fill out the fenders. In the back, the brake lights span the entire width to accentuate the wide stance, and integrated exhaust tips add excitement. Lexus ES300h Ultra aero-enhancing touches like an active rear spoiler and underbody panels help slice through the wind. Soft-touch surfaces and matte bamboo trim highlight the opulent cabin. Perforated leather seats offer cooling and massage functions while heating extends across the cushions. The power rear seats recline for first-class legroom.

Matching the technology, Lexus genuine parts innovated an ultra-modern cockpit. The leather-wrapped steering wheel features intuitive controls and touchpad operation. The dual-zone climate control interface mirrors your smartphone with sliding adjustments. Ambient interior lighting sets a relaxing mood. The ES stands out for its sleek exterior, lavish interior, and user-friendly cockpit competitors. Best luxury sedans massaged both logic and emotions in the meticulous design.

Compare the Lexus ES with other luxury sedans in its class

The midsize Luxury car comparison market is filled with outstanding choices, but the seventh-generation ES rises above with its progressive Lexus signature. Style, technology, and interior luxury are redefined in the redesigned ES. The BMW 5 Series has long set the dynamics standard with athletic performance and handling. But the latest ES closes the gap with its responsive 302 hp V6, 8-speed transmission, stiffer chassis, and rear adaptive suspension. The Lexus ES300h Core cabin now exceeds the somewhat sterile BMW interior in terms of lavish details and user-focused interfaces.

ES rivals the Mercedes E-Class on Cutting-edge technology in cars, interior comfort, materials, and ride quality. The ES offers similar advanced driver assists to the E-Class in a more intuitive package. Lexus also avoids the “screen overload” inside Mercedes models for a cleaner high-tech look. Audi’s A6 excels at frameless window styling and Quattro all-wheel drive, but the RWD ES looks even lither and coupe-like. The ES pampers passengers more with standard cooled seats and cushier suspension tuning. Lexus ES customer reviews also avoids the complex, overwhelming MMI system in favor of simplified controls. The Cadillac CT5 charms buyers with its bold American styling, yet offers less rear seat room than the spacious ES. Lexus ES300h Lux provides a smoother, more refined ride and better reliability than Caddy’s spotty record.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes the All-New Lexus ES stand out in the luxury sedan market?

The ES stands out with its bold styling, intuitive techs like a 12.3″ touchscreen, and indulgent details like massaging cooled seats.

How does the Lexus ES ensure a comfortable and luxurious driving experience?

The ES Pampers with smooth performance, a whisper-quiet cabin, and rear seats with heating/cooling and power recline.

Where can I experience the All-New Lexus ES in person and take a test drive?

Visit your local Lexus dealership to see the ES in person, take a test drive, and experience the refined luxury firsthand.