Four Common Wheel Alignment Issues and How To Diagnose Them

What Are the Most Common Wheel Alignment Issues?

  1. Uneven Steering
  2. Loose steering wheel
  3. Noisy Handling
  4. Tires that Squeal

The wheel alignment is a problem that many car owners are not aware of. It’s difficult for inexperienced drivers to detect. If you notice that your car has these alignment problems then it is important to act quickly in order to avoid any further damage.

This article discusses 4 common signs of wheel alignment issues and how to fix them.

Uneven Steering

The vehicle is designed to automatically adapt to the road surface. The steering wheel should be centered and remain straight when the road is flat and straight. The steering wheel will be adjusted to the same position when the road is bumpy or leans towards one side.

Drivers should be able to notice a small difference in the alignment of their car and have difficulty keeping it in line.

Driving on a flat surface is one of the easiest methods to determine if your wheel alignment is incorrect. Check the emblem on the steering wheel. The steering wheel will be uneven if it leans to one side. You must realign your wheels immediately if you see this!

Loose Steering Wheel

An uneven steering wheel can also be loose. It is dangerous, as it will reduce the response time of your steering wheel when you turn. If the steering wheel is loose, it means that the parts connecting the wheel to the steering are not working properly.

Tie rods connect the steering wheel to the tires. Tie rods can be found in rack and pinion and recirculating systems. Tie rods that are too worn can cause steering wheels to become loose.

Drive on a less-traveled road to see if your steering wheel is loose. You can park in a parking lot near your home or on a road that is less traveled. Perform left and right turns there slowly. You should be able to notice the difference in the way the car turns if you’ve driven it before.

The steering wheel turning too easily or too hard would be most noticeable to the less experienced. A loose steering wheel can be identified by anything that is outside of the normal range.

Vibrating Steering wheel

Two of the most common reasons why steering wheels vibrate are warped brake rotors or unbalanced tires. Unbalanced tires and warped brake motors can cause your steering wheel to shake when you brake.

Tires that are misaligned do not distribute weight evenly across the vehicle. Tires can have lighter and heavier components that should be matched once they are installed on a car.

You should have your tires balanced every 5,000-10,000 kilometers. This will ensure that you won’t have any wheel balance problems with your car and also happens at the same time maintenance checks are performed on your vehicle!

Noisy Handling

If your car starts to squeal, this could be an indication of a variety of problems. Misalignment is one of the most common problems. Tires can wear unevenly if there are pre-existing alignment issues. This can occur with wheel misalignments that are barely noticeable or for people who don’t know it is possible. The squealing noises are one of the most reliable indicators that there is a problem with your vehicle, but it does not always have to be about the wheels.

It can be because you’ve worn out your brake pads. Sometimes it can be because a part of your steering and suspension system is lacking lubrication. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, you should still be aware of it.

Remember that a noisy vehicle could be a sign of a problem. It might just be a whistling noise from nowhere or a screeching sound coming from the chassis. It is best to get it checked as soon as possible, no matter what the noise may be.

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