5 Unique Types of Car Window Tinting For You to Know

Normally, vehicles have a basic layer of tinting. However, it may not suffice the owner of the vehicle due to different needs and expectations. Manufacturers like TechTeinte pellicule fenêtre will help you make an effective tint choice for your vehicle.

Let’s quickly go through different types of car window tinting:

  1. Ceramic Tinting

Ceramic tint is the most preferred tint as it blocks almost 100 per cent of UV rays. Dyes and metal particles are not found in this type of tint. These do not fade with time and do not obstruct any radio signal. Its insulation level is high and hence it does not conduct heat. Most of the car owners now prefer ceramic tint due to excessive heat and direct sunlight. It helps in reducing the impact of heat on the car’s upholstery.

  1. Carbon Tinting

These tints are made from the particles of carbon fiber that do not fade with time. As compared to the dyed or metallic tint, carbon tint is more effective. Alike ceramic tint, it has a very strong feature of insulation. Almost 40 per cent heat is reduced by carbon tinting. Many car owners prefer carbon tint due to its aesthetic matte finish. It is expensive as compared to other tints due to its durability and long lasting features.

  1. Hybrid Tinting

Hybrid, as the name suggests, is a combination of metal particles and dyes. There are many layers of dye with a very thin layer of titanium in the middle. Their interference in radio signals is less as compared to the dyed and metalized tints. This tint has more positive features as compared to the dyed and metalized ones. The price is little higher than the dyed tint and lower than the metalized tint.

  1. Metalized Tinting

This type of tint contains micro particles of metal. Metalized tint reflect the sunlight in the opposite direction, but do not absorb it like the other tints. This tint is more effective as compared to dyed tint. To add more, it is scratch resistant. This type adds more window strength as it is less likely to shatter from direct impact. It appears shinier as compared to the matte finish.

  1. Dyed Tinting

Dyed tinting is the most common and reasonable type. It comprises of many layers of dye. This feature acts as sunlight absorbent as it does not allow the rays to penetrate inside the car. You can choose the layers of darkness as per your convenience and need. Log on to platforms such as TechTeinte pellicule fenêtre to choose the type of tint as per your budget and preference.